To Kim Hyun Joong Perfect

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I can cheer up during shooting thanks to Perfect.
I’ll do hard for the rest and I’ll make a return.
I enjoyed the dinner very much.
-Baek Seung Jo-

Ah, Jjom!!!!

From: KHJPerfect



To Kim Hyun Joong YES

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To YES family (

Be careful of flu
I’ll work hard right until the last so do keep guarding by me.. Hwaiting!!


To 김현중 파워풀 S

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To Miclub Powerful S (
Thank you always
I’ll work hard..
-Hyun joong-


To Hyunsamo

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For the congregation of people who love KimHyunJoong… (
So do you mean if they don’t love me you won’t be congregated like this??
Some time soon you won’t be congregated already, then…humph k


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