Hello. This is KEYEAST.


An autumn breeze blows softly, we feel this year is drawing to close.


All the fans who cherish KIM HYUN-JOONG, please be careful not to catch a cold and have a happy season.


The final episode of Playful KISS-KIM HYUN-JOONG‘s second drama- is coming.


Thank you for your continuous interest and support. It gives KIM HYUN-JOONG and all members of the cast and staff a big help. The mood of the set was great and cordial.


So as the reward, we make the day for you to watch the final episode of <Playful KISS> with KIM HYUN-JOONG.
Specially, this event was first planned by KIM HYUN-JOONG who is now the new member of KEYEAST. It will be the most precious memory for all of you.


Entry fee is 10,000 won and all the money will be donated to charity. Those who want to participate, please make applications following the directions below. Participants will be received on a first-come first-serve basis. We will notice detail informations to participants personally by e-mail.



<Program of the event>
Title : Event for the final show of <Playful KISS> with fans
Time : 21, October, 2010 21:00-23:00
Place : Dom art hall (Neung dong, Gwang jin gu, Seoul. the seats are decided by lot)


<Deadline for applications>
7, October, 2010 – 9, October 2010


<How to apply>
Fill the application form and email to the address :
this ticket admits one person only.


<Application form (from abroad)>
(1) Name of the applicant:
(2) HYUN-JOONG.COM official homepage ID:
(3) Nationality:
(4) Passport number:
(5) Phone number (including the number where we can reach):
(6) E-mail address:


* This ticket admits one person only. Participants will be received on a first-come first-serve basis.
* The number of the people is limited for the safety.
* Photo shoot or filming is forbidden.
* If you apply for commercial use or if you apply with wrong information, applications will be canceled.
* Please ask for more information to this address :


Thank you.