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QCer: Blissfulwishes

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Hyun Joong’s answers are, as always, not only 4D and fun but also very witty. To any kind of questions, be it serious, sensitive, ironic, controversial (which may put others in a difficult position or become a problem if they “slip their mouth” when answering), Hyun Joong can get away with them all in a cute, 4D and light-hearted, comfortable way that makes others laugh. The interviewer may give him all kinds of questions, only to find out that this boy man is invincible ^^. Still, his answers are truly honest *and sounds kinda innocent huh?*. The most special thing? He’s totally full of surprises, unexpected, unpredictable in a pleasant and fun way that can make me ROTF anytime. We won’t know what we’ll get, so it makes his personality magnetic and charismatic ne.

That’s why I love every single interview of his.