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Drama Playful Kiss, Group 8 team released stills for scenes for the upcoming episode 7.

In Playful Kiss episode 7, Hani and SeungJo have become college students and their campus romance will begin to develop.

Hani joins the Pharan Tennis club along with SeungJo, but as we know comes to discover that Haera, who as above Hani in every way is also apart of the club. Hani, begins to fight for SeungJo, but SeungJo continues to be jerk towards Hani and she sheds many tears because of that. This is where the love story develops.

The cast continued to film even though it’s ChoSuk and even Jung So Min who is currently sick with conjunctivitis, because she is in most of the scenes. Jung So Min, who had forgotten about ChoSuk because of the busy scd gave the cast and crew gifts. KHJ stated “I’ve forgotten how to sleep.” KHJ, every free time he gets practices tennis on campus.

SiYoung, in order to prepare for her role as the number one tennis player, she took tennis lessons. Lee SiYoung went on to say that being a good actress is a must, but I also want to be a good tennis player for this role.

Translation by Lollidoalittle @ Soompi Playful kiss thread