The girl plays the role of little Hani in the drama. Click here and here to see more of her during Mischievous Kiss filming.


Reposted from: lovekimhyunjoong (translation by happiebb)

these pics were posted in the little girl’s blog
and she’s also added some comments/thoughts ^^
(she calls herself ‘ari’….? ^^)

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oh, it’s jihoo sunbae, ari already likes him and doesn’t know what to do ^^
he told me to go in, and welcomed me warmly, asking this and that
seung jo oppa who is as kind and friendly as how he looks^^

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pretty hani unni^^
how kind! ari just keeps clinging on to her~~~ hehe
holding hands as we walk everywhere, reading the script together, playing together…. thank you!
hani unni^^

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when it’s time to leave, ari was so sad she’s crying
unnie held her for quite awhile.
then oppa came to play too, and even gave a hug and bobo in the end~~
happiness is to have met nice and friendly people!