The labour union of Korea’s broadcasting system declared that they will not be shooting for dramas like ‘Dongi’, ‘Kim suro’ and ‘Playful Kiss’ beginning 4th onwards, due to wages problems.

4th paragraph

The labour union related personnel expressed on the 3rd in a phone interview with Joynews24, “Though we have been in frequent contact with MBC about this problem, we did not manage to come to a common resolution. After we reject to shoot Dongi on the 3rd morning, we will also be rejecting to shoot for Kimsuro and Playful kiss on 4th”.

Even if Kimsuro and Playful Kiss may be facing rejection of shooting, according to the situation, it seems like for the time being, these two dramas are able to avoid the situation of pausing of episodes.

In Playful Kiss situation, a related Group 8 personnel, “Because our main casts don’t belong to the Labour Union, so there wont be affection to our shooting. Though some of the casts do belong to the labour union, it will do if we just adjust the schedules a little. Even if the casts may decide to reject shooting, there wont be much affection made to the story line”.

Playful Kiss has already shot up till its 4th episode and has finished, so it will be possible for its broadcast to go on as per normal.

Translation: Ode