Chinese Translation: YOYO@百度金贤重吧
English Translation: emz

1.3 tonnes of rice flower baskets sent by Kim Hyun Joong’s fans from multiple countries becomes a topic

The special way that the fans of “Boys over Flowers” Kim Hyun Joong from multiple countries have sent in their congratulations has became the talk of the town. In the MBC mini-series “Playful Kiss” Press Conference held on 26th in Seoul’s Imperial Palace Hotel, numerous rice flower stands decorated the entrance, making it an impressive sight. The 1360kg of rice is to support Kim Hyun Joong who stars in the drama “Playful Kiss” as the main lead.

A total of 36 fan clubs in 16 countries have presented flower baskets with rice as gift instead of congratulatatory flower baskets.

A supplier of such flower baskets with rice said: “This period, in the entertainment industry, foreign fans have had sent flower baskets with rice, but on such a big scale like this is the first time.

The person also conveyed: “The fans who ordered these rice hope to give these rice to children who have difficulties in the name of Kim Hyun Joong”, added that “the number of fans with awareness of using a meaningful way to support and congratulate a favourite artist is increasing.””It is foresee that in the entertainment industry, the orders of rice flower baskets to replace flower baskets will also be increasing.”



Credit: 김현중 파워풀 S + KHJ0606 + +