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MNET’s 20s Choice is back…!

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In Blue: Normal categories
In Grey: DAUM SEARCH — HOT STAR Award {this is where you increase search ranking}

In clockwise manner
Singer (Male) | Actor (Male) | Multi-entertainer (Male) | Sports Star | Netizens’ Discovery |
Person of Buzz | Wannabe Star | Multi-entertainer (Female) | Actor (Female) | Singer (female)

This is where you key into the blue box there to Increase search rankings.
The realtime search results is displayed on the right, as you could see with yellow arrows.
Results for this will only be reflected for the searching category.

When: August 26, 6PM ~ 8.30PM
Venue: Walker Hill, Outdoor Swimming Pool
Voting period: Aug 10 ~ Aug 24
MNET & KMTV will be doing live broadcast.

20 influential stars will be chosen through 50% coming from this DAUM poll, and with another 50% coming from research targeted towards the 20th-generation.

The results from the poll will not reflect each star’s ranking in each sector, but rather a collated ranking of 50 nominated stars. The ranking of these 50 stars will be collated with record of their DAUM search rankings from 2009 September ~ 2010 July + research results.

The theme for this year’s 2010 20’s choice is ‘Break Yourself’. Self-explanatory enough, it is about breaking oneself’s limits to show more of oneself’s capability in the field they are in, and at the same time, getting much love from everyone. So please vote and show support for the star whom you think has an impactful influence on the 20th-generations that is enough to drive one crazy.

During the voting period, the stars who will be attending/getting the award will be selected through the number of views of keywords relating to each star who comes on top in each field. The star with the highest number of views recorded will be a winner.

However, due to each’s personal schedule, he/she may/may not be able to participate in the prize ceremony.

For the Number 1 most searched star, we will be presenting an award to him/her. Along with approx 1billion won of Daum advertising sponsor amount and backup suppport between him/her and their Daum fancafe. From his/her Daum fancafe, about 30 members will be selected to shoot a commemoration video and a possible fansign session.

For the 2nd and 3rd winner star, each’s agency will receive 50million won and 30million won respectively from Daum advertising.

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