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Timing was… 8th Aug, Sunday…
Had finished my errands and was on the way home.
There’s a girls’ high school right in front of our home
Have to go by the side gate, or is that the backgate, whatever…
What… What was that….

He’s obviously a guy
So must I really this, that it’s like he’s got a halo or some light beaming from behind him… -.,-;;?
We’re both men…. But why… why does he look that way… and…
I focused my attention and looked closely
Kim…. Kim Hyun Joong??
He’s talking to a woman who’s seemingly the assistant or something.
I didn’t hesitate at all and walked right over.

“Kim… Kim Hyun Joong-ssi? Ah… Annyong haseyo!!” I greeted like this.
He replied in slightly halting and slow tones, “Yea, annyong haseyo… It’s very hot today, right?”
In my heart, I was screaming, “Ah Ah!”
But I said, “Yea, it’s been very hot since morning!! Are you doing filming?”
(This I’d used a very excited tone to ask)
“Yea, (we’re) filming right now… hehe”

Right about that time, the manager(?) or maybe just one of the male staff walked over
and interrupted us with some talk about resuming filming.
Ahhhh… too bad…
Before leaving, he’d stretched out his hand (to me) for a handshake….
Then he went in after we shook hands.
Wooahh… We’re both men, but but this… but…
Why… Why’s my heart beating so quickly? He’s really a beautiful guy…
How’s it possible to have such dreamy and fantasy-like eyes…
I totally and completely lost myself (in that moment)…
Didn’t even think to take out my cellphone…
Can’t believe that the Mxx drama that’s gonna be aired on 1st Sep is filmed right at our doorstep… hoho
Seems to be storyline that would appeal to students… Will surely take a look when it’s broadcast… hehe


Some tidbits about the drama:

source: korean sites [DC, Playful Kiss official site]

reposted from BAIDU PLAYFUL KISS THREAD + happiebb @ LKHJ

The official site for Playful Kiss in Korea has officially opened today.
More and more people are showing interest in our Playful Kiss.
We’ve also collated some news and info from the Korean sites;
although they’re all just preliminary discussion for now,
we’ll still translate for all to see, please feel free to form your own views.


The drama will end at episode 16, when they get married.
If the response is good, then will increase to 20-24 episodes.

(If the drama gets extended beyond episode 16),
They will film the post-wedding episode/s at Epi Island.

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