Translation by layzzie84 @ Mischievous soompi

오늘또운동회~~3일째 가을운동회를촬영중입니다~

It is sports day today, too. Fall sports day has been filming for 3 days.

오늘은 계주가 끝났으면 ㅋㅋ 계속뚸야하고 너무덥네요~

Today, I wish relay race finished. lol. Because it is hot and I have to run again and again.

결국 태풍의영향으로 비가와 잠시 중단하고 있슴돠 ~

It is raining due to the influence of Typhoon. So, filming is stopped.

오늘도더못찍고 다시올듯 ㅜ

I think I am going to come here again.

btw, it is said that yesterday Aug 09, they were filming a ballet scene (Hani’s imagination). Pose like this?

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