In the survey carried out in view of horror movie ‘Pyega’ which’s to be in cinemas in upcoming August 19, a peculiar survey was carried out that captivated the attention of netizens, and this survey is titled “If you were to go to movie Pyega’s haunted on-location, which male entertainer would you want to go together with?”, targetting towards active Nate users aged between their 10s and 20s. When the results were collated, it was shown that protagonist of the flower boy fever — Kim Hyun Joong had attained a high 47% of victory support, thus coming in 1st. With his million-dollar smile and his image that could possibly give off illumination even in a deserted and haunted house, HyunJoong attained the extreme support of noona fans that manner.

In 2nd place is Supreme Team’s member Simon D at 29%, 3rd with national MC Yoo Jaesuk at 14%, and 4th with Lee Seung-gi at 11% who will soon broadcast his SBS drama ‘My girlfriend is a Gumiho’.

-details about Pyega ommitted-

Credit: bntnews + ode blog

*Pyega is a real horror movie that talks abt a real haunted house located somewhere in Kyeonggi-do. Pyega itself means desolated,deserted house*

Here are pictures of the real haunted house, filming location of movie Pyega mentioned in the article above.

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Look scary huh? Will you go with him? MissChievous says yes. The haunted house must be very dark with nobody around ^^, and when MissChievous feels scared, she will scream, hold on to his arm and… *Lols, classic Korean drama*

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