Here is the fan account going with the pictures in the previous post.

Credit: dkfmadldkfwn + (English translation)  layzzie84 @ Mischievous Kiss soompi

The Studio`s Postcript.

My two friends and i arrived there around 10 in the morning.

We tried to enter into the school (where they shooted), but we couldn`t.

So, we just waited HJ in front of the school gate.

HJ came in a little while.

we saw he got out of his vehicle.

OMG! he is so handsome and has fascinating features.

Even though, his walking was so awesome – you know his walking style!

It was great.

He entered into the school and we just waited him again..

They did outdoor shooting after a while.

we climbed the stairs of other`s home to see them. we know it was rude.. T_T

(ps. chin gu.. I think the stairs is not in the home. It is outside one.)

Anyway, he looked at us. we were embarrassed but were indeed glad at the same time.

we were lucky. We secretly entered into the school at the lunch time.

When we were sitting on a chair in front of a rest-room, We saw so-min Jeong going by.

So, I said “un-nie, u a so pretty!” and she replied ” thank u “

And I saw many actors and actresses.

Unfortunaly, We were caught staying in there on someone..

so we had to get out of there.

We saw Tae-seong Lee on our way out.

My friends said he was so hot and they went him to get his autograph.

But, I didn`t cuz i dont need it..

We were staying in front of the school gate again.

There was an actor who play as a phisical teacher.

We were talking with him and became close after a few min.

we kept talking, talking and talking.

And he helped us to come in school again.

He said just sitting on a bench… And he gave us grapes.

Anyway, we saw many actors and actresses~ haha..

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