Because there are so many, I will not post them but link you to the source. Below are the most beautiful ones that I think worth saving.

They may look small but click to enlarge, much bigger and nicer ^^

(Note: set 1 and 2 posted here)

Set 3: by 뒷조사김현중 @ KHJ0606 Click here

Set 4: by Mars Click here

Set 5: by shinhwa3303 Click here and here

Set 6: by withkhj Click here

Set 7: by hjs60120 Click here

Set 8: by purplkahlo Click here

Set 9: by pym0037 Click here

Set 10: by Kissbar

Hyun Joong focus

So Min focus

Tae Sung focus

All focus

Set 11: not really a set but I find it cute Click and Click

Set 12: by lstangel Click here *I love this set*

Set 13: by jujery79 Click here

Set 14: by chicganzi Click here

Set 15: by cheekiki Click here

Set 16: by Legend Kim Click here

Set 17: by Realslow (posted by hyunjoongnara) Click here

Set 18: by cyan0125 Click here and here

Today stops at set 11, I may update this post later with set 12, 13, 14 ^^ Updated set 18 (Aug 10)

btw, “Kim Hyun Joong kiss scene” reign Korean search engines when I did my browsing last night *err too lazy to capture*. Articles now all talking about his drama kiss scene ^^

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