Kim Hyun-joong is the main actor in the upcoming MBC drama “It Started With A Kiss”. We have found exclusive translated dialogue of his interview responses to the recent behind the scenes video. Below is what he has to say about his new affectionate life on set:

“I think Lee So-min’s puffy eyes are pretty.Lee Tae-sung says that he likes her eyes because they look like his……

Playing the role of a high school student is not difficult. However, I’m very conscious about my visible facial hair and I shave 3 times a day.

I saw the original manga (comic) of the story and I think that my character does not have a really attractive personality.

The first day September will be the first broadcast of the drama, Please show us love.”

“It Started With A Kiss” (Mischievous Kiss) premieres September 1st at 9:55pm


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