Kim HyunJoong gave his two cents about his character in the drama Mischievous Kiss.

In an interview for Section TV, Kim HyunJoong made a remark saying, “Simply put, he is extremely rude.”

He then caused laughter with his random comment by adding, “I will make September a month full of rudeness.”

Lee TaeSung was asked about Jung SoMin’s charm and he replied, “I think her constantly swollen eyes are pretty.” Kim HyunJoong then added, “Lee TaeSung says that he likes Jung SoMin’s swollen eyes because they look like his, but he said that their relationship wouldn’t work because their children would also have swollen eyes.”

The three main casts get along pretty well. Get ready to watch the most anticipated drama on September after Road No.1 ends.

Source: Baek Sol Mi
Translation: ch0sshi
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