This fancam is rather close-up. You can see Hyun Joong in the car in the beginning, then Hyun Joong, Tae Sung, 2 teachers (the one in blue around is Kang Doo who plays class A teacher, handsome and young, isn’t he?)

Credit: 내상콤이’s Pandora Channel

Remember this photo?

It’s from the night shooting session of August 5th. Now we can also see the fancam of this scene:

Click here

Click here for fancam from Perfect

(thanks Miniquilt for reposting)

View in the link above only. Do not reupload. Please comply the poster’s request.

2 more fancams from sports day shooting by Miniquilt, click here and here

wondering who he saw in these 2 fancams that makes him bow bow bow *always so well-mannered*

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