The most anticipated drama of the 2nd half 2010

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Kim Hyun Joong vs Micky Yoochun, the winner in acting?

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Remember the last poll on DC Gall for the most anticipated drama? The poll has ended and our Mischievous Kiss came third (4141 votes, 16.3%). Micky Yoochun’s SungKyunKwan scandal (8681 votes, 34.2%) tops the poll, winning over Lee Seung Gi’s My girlfriend is a Gumiho by a narrow margin (7341 votes, 28.9%). Let’s make our Mischievous Kiss win the poll this time, shall we?

I’ve already talked about the importance of polls but gonna emphasize it again. Winning polls means winning public recognition, getting public attention and mounting up their anticipation. Not to mention the factors that can be affected even before the actual broadcast (investment, sponsorship, sale of CFs during the air time, etc.), if the drama basically tops every poll and create a buzz among the public, of course many other things must be taken into account but chances are that more people will tune in to watch its first episode while they have 3 choices. That’s the prerequisite for the success of the drama later on.

You probably know that history doesn’t side with MBC’s sumok drama. Most MBC dramas on Wed-Thu don’t have good ratings. Despite featuring top star So Ji Sub, Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Kye Sang, the heavily invested drama Road No 1, whose time slot Mischievous Kiss will take over, has been suffering increasingly poor ratings. Road No1 ratings yesterday is 5.4% whereas rival King of Baking Kim Tak Goo records 42.5% (btw, Bad Guy starring Jung So Min get 8.8% at the same time slot). Mischievous Kiss will be able to change the history, believe and support, ok?

Moreover, amidst all the initial doubts and criticism at the main casts, winning polls will show the casts that they have massive public support which may act as mental encouragement and give them more strength. Yes, it has been bugging me how people criticized Hyun Joong looking at only a released photo, how the media keep putting him in competition with different parties: Lee Seung Gi, Micky Yoochun, Rain, Yoon Si Yoon and even F3 (saying that F3’s projects after BOF are all not that successful, doubt Hyun Joong can break the precedents). Due to these, even before the drama is aired, he has been under much pressure. So let’s show our major support by one of the simple and easy means: voting!

Btw, talking of competition, I would like to share this news. Seems like everyone involved feel the pressure.

[News] Lee Seung Gi expressed that competing with Kim Hyun Joong ‘I am not feeling calm’

On August 4, Lee Seung Gi who started in SBS ‘My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox’ held a press conference.

When he was being asked about his feeling towards Kim Hyun Joong’s upcoming drama ‘Mischievous Kiss’ which is almost airing at the same time, Lee Seung Gi said ‘I am very concerned about competing with Kim Hyun Joong. Competing with such a great star, I am not feeling calm but tense instead! But at the same time, it is also my own honor.’

Credit: SS601 + (Chinese translation) taotao萄@HJC + (English translation)

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