Not much of Hyun Joong in this fan account but I think it’s worth posting.

After reading, you can have an idea of the not-very-pleasant condition Hyun Joong and the crew are filming in (i.e until late night; hot, sultry weather; mosquito bites, etc.) and how nice, considerate, caring the fans are.

Source: rachell @naver blog

Korean-Chinese Translation:口口&时光@ Hyunbar66.cn

Chinese-English Translation: miyo @lovekimhyunjoong.com

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Not only yesterday, Hyun Joong had filmed till late. Today there is filming schedule for him too.

It has only started now.. such a hot weather, Hyun Joong filming under the hot temperature.

It has been hot and sunny everyday, really hope that the weather would turn cloudy would be good.

Today’s filming is at Somyong Girls’ High School. Saw Hyun Joong at a nearby street yesterday, if only today could see Hyun Joong……

I think I would definitely be surprised, not know what should I say….

Wondering if Hyun Joong is preparing at the studio for the filming later….

After talking to JS sis over the phone, I immediately head out.

Feeling that in such a hot weather, one should have ice cream, found a convenience store nearby one of the “filming location”.

First is electric mosquito swatter and mosquito incense, also had bought some banana chips.

After JS sis has reached, we quickly put all the snacks, mosquito medicine etc into the box specially for Hyun Joong, ice creams were placed in the box specially for it and send it over.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There’s 24 mosquito patches in a box and we had prepared 6 boxes for the staff

As there were really alot of mosquitoes, had prepared 4 mosquito repellent.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Considering in such a hot weather, Hyun Joong have to wake up earlier than usual, he would feel tired and probably would not have appetite,

so we have prepared bananas..to have it during filming breaks and be nourished…

also have prepared dried meat(beef jerky) for Hyun Joong…

as we have prepared alot yesterday, was afraid that he will feel tired of it, so we only prepared a little today.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

While passing it to the manager, have also given him some mosquito repellent stuffs to pass to the staff.

He said, “These would be useful during outdoor filming”

—the cute manager who always get touched with such normal small gifts~~thank you for working hard preparing for our Hyun Joong~

btw, have you seen these beautiful pics of Hyun Joong at MK filming by Ahlia@KHJ0606 *guess you have, but I just have to include the link to make sure the blog covers everything ^^*

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