On behalf of my team from Hyuniversal0606, I am going to retell the story of our encounter with Hyun Joong @ the filming sight on July 25th.

2 of our Admins from Hyuniversal0606 left Thailand on the night of July23 for Seoul.

Though 1st priority is to catch a glimpse of Hyun Joong at his filming sight, they do have business related errands to run as well.

On Saturday, they were out shopping like a regular visitors.

Sunday morning, I was told that they would be attending a festival somewhere in Seoul.

Me and the other 3 admins in Thailand were out doing a Fund Raising Project and having a serious meeting at Siam Center. I didn’t have time for the internet update all day until around 8 PM (Local Thai time), my friend received a picture message of Kim Hyun Joong from overseas web portal. Though it was not our pictures, we were getting very excited already.

The 4 of us planned to have a dinner close to Central World but when arrived there, we heard from our friend that there was an explosion right across Central World. Well, we were there and everything seem normal so we decided to check it out.

The road in front of Central World was shut down and ambulances were everywhere. There were also polices and press cars parking around the area. The explosion was across Central World at the Bus Stop. That was totally inhumane for someone who intentionally set up a bomb on Sunday at the Bus Stop. I was told from the security guards that there were about 9 injured, no lost of lives. However, the news was reported this morning that a 52-year-old man was dead. I thought we’re getting close to normal but seems like Bangkok is still in a HIGH ALERT situation.

Anyway, we then decided to change our dinner place to China Town. I drove there and we were having wonderful Chinese dishes then we got another phone call.

My friend picked it up… her facial expression changed almost immediately…

I told her “DO NOT SCREAM, just take a deep breathe and tell us what happened”

Here’s the story.

2 of them after leaving the festival, they went to the filming sight.

They were waiting, walking around the area and tried to get a close look of Hyun Joong.

They brought along the gift from Hyuniversal0606 which was meant to be given to Hyun Joong’s friend at Jaksal. There was energy drink we bought from Thailand.

One of them decided to walk to Codi noona (Hyun Joong personal Stylish) and asked her to give this gift to Hyun Joong.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

She was so kind that she walked directly to Hyun Joong at the very moment.

She handed the bag to Hyun Joong and he looked inside, grabbed one the can out to examine what type of energy drink he’s received. ^^

Well, they’re original RED BULL from Thailand and the other 2 cans are special drink from Thailand too (that sure should be drunk after work keke).

After managed to give Hyun Joong the drink, they still waited there till the filming was over.

One of them got close enough that she could touch Hyun Joong’s arm.

Do I have to tell how masculine he is???? hahahaaaaa

He left the filming sight with KeyEast’s Van and headed to the residence.

The 2 of them followed Hyun Joong and see him off at him best of hyung’s residence ^^ (I don’t have to tell you the name, do I?)

Yeahh, that’s about it, the encounter with Hyun Joong from Hyuniversal0606. I’m sure many of you have seen the pics already. She really did take some great shots. If there’s another bump in situation again from Seoul, I will make sure to share with you all.

Love ya , Love ya…


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Mel-ssi: “screen cap when he picked up our drink ^^”

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