Talented actress Lee Si Young is expected to join Mischievous Kiss.

She has received the offer to play Yoon Hae Ra, the female college student in love with Baek Seung Jo. As the vice president of the college tennis club, Yoon Hae Ra together with Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min and Lee Tae Sung will form a melodramatic loveline of 4.

Regarding this, Lee Si Young’s agency said “We are now on discussion and the outcome has not yet finalized”.

Mischievous Kiss started shooting today 22th and will be broadcast subsequent to drama Road No1 on September 1st.

Credit: Nate + MissChievous Land

I updated  some pics of Hyun Joong at Samsung card date on June 16th (credit to YES) and Samsung card promo posters at the side bar. Click more to see all. New pics will be constantly updated at the side bar. Remember to check it out, ne?

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