Actress Jung Hye Young will come back to the small screen after 1.5 years hiatus with a role in the drama Mischievous Kiss (Director Hwang In Roe, scriptwriter Go Eun Nim)

Mischievous Kiss is her first drama since giving birth to her 3rd baby in June 2009

In the drama, Jung Hye Young plays Baek Seung Jo’s mother, an elegant woman with cheerful and lively personality, who acts as the connecting bond between the main characters Baek Seung Jo (Kim Hyun Joong) and Oh Hani (Jung So Min).

Production Company of Mischievous Kiss revealed “Jung Hye Young has feminine beauty and a bright smile. Thus, we cast her for this drama”.

Mischievous Kiss has started filming on the 22th and the drama will have the first broadcast on September 1st after Road No1.

Credit: Nate + MissChievous Land

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