Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min have been confirmed as the main casts of Mischievous Kiss.

On July 16th, production company Group8 has announced that Jung So Min will play Oh Hani alongside Kim Hyun Joong in the role of  Baek Seung Jo. According to PD Hwang In Roe, Jung So Min gets chosen because of her smile that fits the character Oh Hani.

Jung So Min is a new actress who has garnered public attention with her first role in drama Bad guy. Mischievous Kiss will be her second work on the screen.

The filming of Mischievous Kiss will begin soon for an early September premiere.

Besides, it is likely that Lee Tae Sung will be the second male lead to play Baek Seung Jo’s rival in the drama.

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There have been so many articles on Korean portals and the content is not much different. I will update when new details are available. btw, you can click here to read more about Jung So Min (also called Litte Yoon Eun Hye)